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We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every project to ensure the best results

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Our Mission

Social Innovative Sustainable & Educational Research Association in Greece is a dynamic non-governmental organization. Our membership comprises a dedicated group of passionate scientists spanning a spectrum of fields. Recognizing research as not only a catalyst for innovation but also a gateway to disseminating scientific knowledge universally, we are resolute in our mission to foster collaborative frameworks. By doing so, we seek to not only advance educational objectives but also to proactively confront the intricate web of modern environmental and social issues that demand our attention.

At our core, we envision a future where pioneering ideas emerge from the crucible of research, driving tangible solutions that transcend boundaries. With a steadfast commitment to sustainability, we aim to instigate positive transformations that resonate both locally and globally. Through community engagement, interdisciplinary partnerships, and the cultivation of accessible learning, we aspire to empower individuals to become agents of change.

Our Values

Democratic Engagement

At our core, we embrace Democratic Participation—a foundational principle that drives our organization. We prioritize diverse perspectives, ensuring an inclusive platform where ideas shape decisions collectively.

Scientific Integrity and Excellence

We are steadfast in upholding Scientific Integrity and elevating research quality. Our work stands as a pillar of knowledge, fostering credibility and trust within academia and the broader public.

Cultural Awareness and Inclusion

Cultural Awareness and Social Inclusion define our approach. We celebrate differences, fostering unity through respect and appreciation, while striving for equitable representation.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation is our compass, and Entrepreneurship our guide. We pioneer transformative ideas, addressing challenges and forging paths to a brighter future.

Empowering through Education and European Identity

Empowering individuals through Education and Training strengthens our shared European identity. Practical skills contribute to a skilled workforce and a united identity.

Equity and Justice

Eradicating Inequalities and Discrimination is our goal. We advocate for equitable opportunities, dismantling barriers for unhindered individual potential.

Sustainability and Environmental Action

We promote Education for Sustainable Development and Environmental Action, fostering a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature.

Bottom-Up Leadership for Social Change

Bottom-Up Leadership drives our mission. Nurturing grassroots initiatives and empowering individuals, we catalyze a movement of change agents.

Our Network

SISERA Organization thrives within an extensive collaborative network, encompassing a diverse array of stakeholders. This network includes local universities, scientific institutions, educational consultants, parent associations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), schools, businesses, cultural centers, youth centers, municipalities, and more. United by a shared commitment to excellence in education and the betterment of society, this dynamic network addresses a broad spectrum of critical educational and societal issues. These encompass training methodologies, the creation of educational resources, and tackling pressing concerns like bullying, school dropout rates, student behavioral challenges, childhood and adolescent autism, and the formulation of inclusive education policies.

Additionally, we actively engage with a spectrum of other concerns such as digital literacy, social awareness, and environmental education. As we forge ahead, our interconnected network serves as a powerhouse for innovative solutions and a driving force for social transformation.


Our Activities

SISERA Greece stands as a formidable NGO, dedicated to the advancement of research efforts that underpin innovative initiatives of social, environmental, educational, and cultural significance. At our core, we are driven by an unwavering commitment to fostering knowledge dissemination and the exchange of exemplary practices. Our impetus is rooted in the values that unite us, and it is through these shared ideals that we flourish.

As a dynamic force for change, our organizational impact is channeled through a diverse range of pivotal actions. Our primary thrust lies in pioneering scientific research endeavors that serve as the bedrock for novel solutions. Beyond research, we are resolute in our pursuit of empowering through Vocational Education and Training, equipping individuals with practical skills that fuel personal growth and contribute to a skilled workforce.

Non-formal Education stands as another cornerstone, engaging learners in unconventional yet impactful ways. Our commitment to Volunteering and various forms of Social Actions underscores our dedication to effecting positive change within communities, both local and beyond. Simultaneously, our Environmental Actions champion sustainability, aiming to safeguard our planet for future generations.

In summary, SISERA Greece stands as a beacon of progressive action, fueled by research, education, and a deep sense of responsibility. Through scientific inquiry, skills development, innovative education, voluntary engagement, and a range of impactful social and environmental interventions, we endeavor to shape a more enlightened, harmonious, and sustainable world for all.

EU Projects
Years of Experience
EU partners

SISERA’s members have actively engaged in a multitude of impactful projects, spanning from Comenius, Leonardo, Erasmus+ (KA1, KA2, KA3), to eTwinning, and numerous other European and international initiatives like Teachers4Europe and Pestalozzi.

Our commitment extends beyond mere participation – we fervently champion and orchestrate projects centered around Environmental Education and Culture, fostering vital partnerships and actively engaging in national and international teacher and student networks.

With a team boasting diverse expertise across various domains, we hold a distinct advantage in orchestrating interdisciplinary research. This approach elegantly aligns with the multifaceted expectations and goals of our projects, ensuring the realization of our desired outcomes.

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