About us

We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every project to ensure the best results

Our Mission

Social Innovative Sustainable & Educational Research Association in Greece is a newly formed non-governmental organization, comprised of a group of scientists from a range of fields. Viewing research as our main tool for developing innovative actions as well as an opportunity to make scientific knowledge accessible for everyone, we aim to build collaborative frameworks, advance educational goals and effectively address modern environmental and social problems.

Our Values

  • Democratic Participation
  • Respect for the scientific integrity and quality of research
  • Cultural awareness & social inclusion
  • Entrepreneurship & innovation
  • Provision of vocational education and training & strengthening of European identity
  • Reduction of social inequalities and discrimination
  • Education for sustainable development and support of environmental actions
  • Contribution to social change through the encouragement of a bottom-up leadership model

Our Network

SISERA organisation has a collaborative network with local universities, scientific organizations, local consultants in different educational areas and parent’s associations, targeting matters such as training methodologies, production of educational material, confrontation of social problems, i.e. bullying, school dropout, pupils behavioural problems, autism in childhood and adolescence, inclusion education policy, e.t.c.

Our Activities

SISERA Greece is an NGO that focuses to research work in support of innovative actions of social, environmental, educational and cultural character. We aim to contribute to knowledge transfer and the exchange of good practices. Our willpower derives from the values we share. Our main activities are related to scientific research work, vocational education and training, non-formal education, volunteering and different kind of social actions.

SISERA’s members have participated in various projects such as Comenius, Leonardo, Erasmus+, KA1 – KA2 – KA3 and eTwinning along with other European and international projects (Teachers4Europe, Pestalozzi).

They promote and coordinate Environmental Education and Culture projects with partnerships and they participate in national and international networks for teachers and students.

The team combining expertise in various fields, offers the advantage of interdisciplinary research process suitable for meeting the expectations and achieving the desired outcomes of set projects.

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