EcoCraft: Cultivating Green Skills for a Sustainable Tomorrow

EcoCraft: Cultivating Green Skills for a Sustainable Tomorrow

This course invites participants to engage in a dynamic exploration of sustainable living through an innovative approach to environmental sustainability and green skills.

Course Description


  • Environment and climate change
  • Green skills
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Initial and continuous training for teachers, trainers and other education staff


24-28/06/2024, 08-12/07/2024, 26-30/08/2024

Course Calendar

target audience

Adults interested in environmental sustainability, green practices, and those seeking actionable skills for fostering a sustainable lifestyle.

This course invites participants to engage in a dynamic exploration of sustainable living through an innovative approach to environmental sustainability and green skills. Tailored for individuals eager to not only acquire knowledge but also actively contribute to a sustainable future, the program offers a transformative experience. Through hands-on experiences, creative projects, and immersive activities, participants will develop practical green skills and gain the know-how to make a positive impact on the environment.




  • Foster a deep understanding of the principles underpinning environmental sustainability, providing participants with a comprehensive knowledge base.
  • Equip participants with practical green skills applicable in everyday life, empowering them to integrate sustainable practices seamlessly.
  • Cultivate a mindset of proactive environmental stewardship, encouraging participants to take a hands-on role in preserving and enhancing the environment.
  • Inspire and empower participants to lead sustainable initiatives, promoting a sense of responsibility and leadership in creating positive environmental change.

Comprehensive knowledge of environmental challenges and sustainability solutions.

Practical skills in sustainable living, gardening, renewable energy, and waste reduction.

Creativity and innovation for designing and implementing sustainability projects.

A sense of empowerment to actively contribute to a sustainable future.

Daily Program

Day 1: Introduction to Environmental Sustainability
  • Welcome and Ice-breaking activities.
  • Overview of the course objectives and expectations.
  • Discussion on the importance of environmental sustainability.
  • Lecture: Understanding environmental challenges.
  • Workshop: Sustainable living practices in daily life.
  • Group discussions on personal sustainability goals.
Day 2: Green Skills Bootcamp
  • Introduction to practical green skills (gardening, energy conservation, waste reduction).
  • Skill-building exercises and challenges.
  • Group discussions on the impact of individual green actions.
  • Hands-on workshops: DIY sustainable products.
  • Skill-sharing sessions among participants.
  • Reflection on the Green Skills Bootcamp.
Day 3: Field Trips to Sustainable Initiatives
  • Visit to a local community garden.
  • Discussions with project leaders and hands-on gardening activities.
  • Reflection on sustainable gardening practices.
  • Visit to an eco-friendly building or renewable energy installation.
  • Group discussions on sustainable architecture and energy conservation.
  • Reflection on sustainable energy practices.
Day 4: Design Thinking for Sustainability
  • Introduction to design thinking for sustainability.
  • Brainstorming sessions on innovative sustainability projects.
  • Group project development and prototyping.
  • Project presentations and feedback.
  • Reflection on the design thinking process.
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities.
Day 5: Eco-Tour Expedition and Community Green Day
  • Eco-tour exploring local biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • Guided by environmental experts, fostering appreciation for nature.
  • Collaborative planning for the Community Green Day.
  • Community Green Day event: Implementing sustainable practices in the local community.
  • Reflection and group discussion on the impact of community engagement.
  • Closing ceremony, certificate distribution, and celebration.


*subject to small adaptations, upon availability

Eco-Tour Expedition

Eco-tour exploring local biodiversity and ecosystems.
Guided by environmental experts, fostering appreciation for nature.

Community Green Day

Organizing and participating in a community green day event.
Implementing sustainable practices and raising awareness in the local community.

Sustainability Innovation Challenge

Collaborative challenge for participants to design and present innovative sustainability projects.
Networking sessions with sustainability professionals and entrepreneurs.

Green Skills Exchange

Skill-sharing sessions where participants teach each other practical green skills.
Collaborative initiatives fostering a community of sustainable practice.

Assessment Methods

Assessment is continuous with formative and summative methods throughout the training.


Group Discussions and Reflections
Scenario Analysis Worksheets
Peer Teaching Observations
Interactive Quizzes


Project-Based Assessments
Individual Reflection Paper
Final Presentation
Reflection and Action Plan

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Teaching Methods

  • Sustainable Living Workshops

    Hands-on workshops covering eco-friendly practices in daily life. DIY (Do It Yourself) projects for participants to create sustainable products.

  • Green Skills Bootcamp

    Intensive training sessions on practical green skills like urban gardening, energy conservation, and waste reduction. Skill-building exercises and challenges.

  • Field Trips to Sustainable Initiatives

    Visits to local sustainable projects, such as community gardens, eco-friendly buildings, and renewable energy installations. Discussions with project leaders and hands-on engagement.

  • Design Thinking for Sustainability

    Innovative design thinking sessions to brainstorm and prototype sustainable solutions. Group projects where participants develop and present their sustainable initiatives.


Upon successful completion of our courses, participants receive recognition in the form of certificates.

Recognizing your active participation, the Certificate of Attendance is awarded upon completing the course. It signifies your commitment to the learning journey and showcases your engagement with the course content.

Certificate of Attendance

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