Go Green | Part 1

🌍🌱 Go Green pt.1

Join us on a transformative journey towards a sustainable future!
Introducing our groundbreaking project “Staff Professional Development in Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability.” co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union and the National Agency Ίδρυμα Κρατικών Υποτροφιών/ State Scholarships Foundation
Project id: 2022-1-EL01-KA122-ADU-000079565

🌿 It's time to take action and embrace a greener lifestyle!

The first training activity, “Climate Change and Sustainable Development Goals: Small Acts Create Huge Impact. Take Action: Go Green.” is officially completed and here is a thought-provoking brochure that explores the vital connection between Climate Change and Sustainable Development Goals.

Discover how seemingly small acts can lead to an enormous impact on our planet's well-being.

🔍 Unveil practical strategies and innovative ideas that empower individuals to make a real difference. Learn how your everyday choices can contribute to a sustainable future and create a positive ripple effect on our environment. 🌍

Let's make a lasting impact, one small act at a time! 💚🌎

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