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Embrace the Power of Green!

Join the Movement for a Sustainable Future! This article aims to explore the importance of going green and provide practical tips for individuals to make a difference.

Happy Europe Day!

As a research NGO that focuses on EU projects, we believe that this day is an important reminder of the critical role that research and innovation can play in shaping the future of Europe.

Meet the Newest Members of Our Team!
EARS Training C1 | Girona 19-21/4/2023

First training of our project "EARS"

Happy Earth Day 2023!

Today we celebrate #EarthDay2023 🌎 Let us take a moment to honor our home, reflect on the impact we have and start taking action.

"Driving Change: The Power of Research and Policymaking in the EU"

At SISERA, we are committed to advancing research and innovation in the EU.

EARS Impact Research: Final Report

The research aimed to identify the different reasons for school dropout, as well as the diverse definitions, measures, and strategies used by teachers to prevent it.

An Erasmus+ experience in Stockholm!

The first training activity of our project “Staff Professional Development in Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability” is completed! Here are some fun moments..

Our research in "EARS" project is now completed!

Here is a sneak peek in the first results! Stay tuned for more results about teacher's needs in preventing school dropout.

Welcome to the “European Year of Skills”

Learn more about The European Skills Agenda and join us for new projects and innovative practices.

Our warmest wishes for 2023!

From the entire team at SISERA, have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!!

Erasmus+🇪🇺 KA2 calls are now open!

Here are some tips to nail your next Erasmus+ application! #erasmuska2 #projects #siseragreece #tips #ErasmusPlus

EARS Project: Last meeting of 2022-Survey for teachers

How teachers can respond to school dropout phenomenon? Take a look in our survey and if you belong into one of the target groups feel free to participate in our research!

Learn more about our mission and join us for new projects!
"EARS" Second Newsletter

Second newsletter of the project "EARS" Educational Agreement as A Response to School dropout and id number 2021-1-IT02-KA220-SCH-0000326

Erasmus+ KA122-ADU-78995B12 'LOGO'

"Staff Professional Development in Climate Change & Environmental Sustainability" Project activities coming soon!

Welcome to the team Nancy!
"EARS" 2nd Transnational Partners Meeting in Netherlands
Erasmus+ KA152 Youth Exchange "Future in your Hands"

The youth exchange took place in Domzale, Slovenia between 19-25 of September 2022.

"EARS" First Newsletter

First newsletter of the project "EARS" Educational Agreement as A Response to School dropout and id number 2021-1-IT02-KA220-SCH-0000326

Erasmus+ project Approved!
New Team Member!

Welcome to the team Evagelia!

What is the role of an NGO when it comes to Environmental Sustainability

One of the main concepts that SISERΑ is engaged, is to create better tools, methodologies and innovative learning experiences to tackle environmental issues.
While some of the barriers in the global effort towards a sustainable lifestyle have begun to be lifted there is still room for improvement in many areas and for different NGO’s to conduct their work and come up with new solutions.
If you are interested in this field stay tuned for an open call for partnerships and volunteers for the implementation of new European activities and collaborations on this very important issue that concerns all of us.

"EARS" Kick-off Meeting Italy

Kick-off meeting of project EARS in Ferrara, Italy 24-25/3.
Thank you, to all the partners and especially the hosts who made sure to create a wonderful collaborative experience. Beautiful welcoming from the local municipality of Coparo, and great hospitality from the leaders!!
A very nice way to start with the project’s activities. #Erasmus+ #projects
Euro Project Lab SrlsWUS MedOPEN UPDanmar ComputersGemeente ‘s-HertogenboschAsociatia Edulifelong
Δήμητρα ΞεσφιγκούληCharalampos Georgantzas

"EARS" Approved!

We are very glad that a new Erasmus+ Project by the title “EARS-Educational Agreement as a Response to School-dropout” and Id code KA220-SCH-2321456B, in which we participate as partners, has been approved!! We are looking forward to the beginning of the project activities! #Erasmus+ #erasmusprojects

Our warmest wishes for 2022!

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