Dimitra Xesfigkouli

Co-founder, Project Manager

Dr Dimitra Xesfigkouli is a dedicated primary and preschool teacher with an extensive 22-year background in Greek public and private education. She holds two bachelor’s degrees with honors in Primary and Preschool Education from the University of Thessaly, along with a Master’s Degree in “Administration and Management in Education” and a PhD in Primary Education from the same institution. Her doctoral research, titled “Professional Development of Primary Education Teachers in the context of Pedagogical Advancements in Modern School,” demonstrates her expertise in the field.

Dimitra’s expertise spans various areas, including Intercultural Education, Adult Education, e-learning methods, and ICT database development. Her proficiency in the English language and teaching experience further strengthen her qualifications. Throughout her career, she has served as a primary education schoolteacher, a mentor teacher at the University of Thessaly, and an English school owner. She has extensive experience in EU projects, having served as a key contributor and promoter of such initiatives during her tenure as a posted teacher in the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Thessaly.

Her passion for education is reflected in her numerous publications on the development of primary education. Dimitra is multilingual, being proficient in English (Level C2) and French (Level B2). She co-founded SISERA Greece and has been a project manager and contact person since October 2020.