Evangelia Vasilliou

Member, Researcher

Ms. Evangelia Vassiliou is a teacher-pedagogue in the field of education and the development of social, emotional and mental skills, with many years of experience in the classroom as well as with individual academic development. She holds a degree in Philology from the Department of Classical Philology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a degree in Special Education and Sociology with honors from the Department of Educational and Social Policy of the University of Macedonia. She holds a master’s degree in “Organization and Administration of Education” from the Pedagogical Department of Public Education of the University of Thessaly. She is specialized in the study and teaching of Modern Greek Language and Literature, in social and school psychology, in the education of people with special needs and in the support of children with autism and vision problems. She has been trained in promoting the Mental health of adults, children and adolescents, in Skills Development through workshops, as well as in distance teaching and teaching through digital media. She speaks English and French. She has worked as a philologist and primary school teacher in private education and as an adult trainer in vocational training educational structures. She was responsible for the organization and structure of the curriculum in Study Centers for primary and secondary school students. Since 2018, she has been serving as a special education philologist in Secondary Education. She is a regular member of SISERA Greece since July 2022.

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