Shuttle to Employment: Digital and Life Skills

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Main Objectives of the project

The participants will learn effective tips to devolop entrepreneurial and job search skills, that will help the Young people they work with, in entering the job market. Participants will be encouraged to share their personal knowledge and experience with the group.


outdoor and indoor dynamic games

Participants will experience the thrill of outdoor and indoor dynamic games, encouraging teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills.


movement exercises

Movement exercises, including yoga, stretching routines, and energetic dance sessions, will help the youth build body confidence, improve flexibility, and enhance overall fitness levels.


verbal methods

Communication is a vital skill for personal and professional success. Verbal methods, such as public speaking workshops, debates, and interactive discussions, will provide a platform for participants to express their thoughts, opinions, and ideas confidently.

Participants Experience


Shuttle to Employment: Digital and Life Skills is a training course that was held in Puerto de Mazarrón, a seaside resort in the region of Murcia, Spain. The training course aimed to give tools to youth workers to discover themselves better and to use this new knowledge to get closer to young people that they work with. Along the duration of the course, a lot of useful tips for entrepreneurial and job searching skills that will aid the young people that youth workers work with were shared. The number of participants was 16 from Italy, Estonia, Portugal, Croatia, Bulgaria and Greece. Our trip started from Thessaloniki at night, then via Malta we arrived at Madrid early in the morning. We spent the day exploring Madrid and after that we rested for the night. The morning of the next day, we traveled by train to Murcia. There we explored the city for a couple of hours until we gathered at the central square for us to depart for the beginning of the course with the rest of the group.

Description of the project activities

The project’s main goal was to enhance and develop the participants’ soft and hard skills, which they could utilize in order to maximize their effectiveness when searching for a job and preparing for anything related to it. To start this training course the participants and trainer were involved in ice breaking activities, so that a safe place was established where each person could feel confident to express their ideas. Right after, the participants were informed about the Youthpass and its goal, by playing Kahoot so that they combine learning and fun. After this introduction day, the first aspect of the training course was the development of the communication skills, which was the result of multiple discussions, case studies and role-playing activities. After both parts of the communication skills part, the trainer introduced the participants to leadership divided in nine parts. Regarding the first part (decision making), the participants learnt how to use their communication skills in order to have fruitful discussions with their colleagues, respect their needs and make agreements with them instead of relying on their expectations. This way, both parts of the decision-making can feel appreciated and this is what makes a true leader. 

Of course, a leader should always be ready to take actions and solve problems. Participants were introduced to the theory of problem solving and through interactive case studies tried to implement the theory into real life situations and finally reflect all together on how these activities helped them see problems and human interactions with a new mindset. The next day, the participants had the chance to deep dive into the value of empathy and its importance for every human being and particularly a leader. They tried case studies with different roles, defined the difficulties that prevent someone from having an empathetic lifestyle and understood how to try and go into someone else’s shoes, so that they can relate to them and see through their own point of view. Therefore, after pointing out how critical and empathic behavior is, the participants tried to implement it, in order to achieve successful negotiations and effective discussions, while adding unique techniques that were presented to them. After these interesting topics and activities, the participants took some time to discover themselves better through self-awareness activities and also impactful talks about their emotions and the best ways to manage them and benefit from them. The next day was free of training because everyone enjoyed an amazing day-trip to Cartagena and finally, on the next after obtaining very valuable knowledge about stress management, participants attended an intriguing fast course on how to present themselves in an interview and how to make their personal branding more appealing. Finally, the final piece to this amazing training course was the time management session, divided into 3 parts. At first, the participants became familiar with preparing an agenda and sticking to it and then they learnt new methods on how to focus on their tasks, not get distracted and maximize their efficiency when working. Then, after their final reflection on the daily activities, on the last day, the educators presented online resources available for educators and youngsters and everyone ended this amazing week with smiles for all the wonderful experiences they had the chance to live.

Greek team energizer
Between the activities of the training course, every team was asked to prepare an energizer, in order to fill the break with something fun while also boosting everyone’s energy. The Greek Team prepared a game called “Ninja”, where after the players created a circle, they tried to use their body and hand movement to come out victorious. When someone’s turn came up, this particular player tried to use their hands like a ninja and touch some other player’s hand. Every player had one chance, during each round which was completed after everyone in the circle had participated. It was a very fun activity which everyone enjoyed and definitely helped to raise the mental energy of everyone who participated.
Intercultural Nights
In the duration of the course, we had the opportunity to have two intercultural nights where each team presented a small taste from their local cuisine, a couple of things about their country or/and city and a traditional dance. Our team brought halva and pasteli, which are traditional sweets and tsipouro which is a traditional drink.
Trip to Cartagena
On one day of the course, we had the chance to visit Cartagena. Cartagena is a seaside city around 1 hour away from Puerto. There we spent half day exploring the beautiful city with its Ancient Roman ruins and picturesque streets.
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accomodation, benefits, hospitality..

When it comes to hospitality, everything was just perfect. The accommodation was located in the coastal town of Puerto de Mazarron and our hostel had the most amazing view of the beach. Everyone had his own room, which made it really easy to relax at night. The bathrooms were big and clean and they were separate for men and women. A huge benefit was the enormous yard of the hostel, which was perfect for outdoor activities throughout the day. The dining room was also very spacious and comfortable and the organization made sure that everyone was satisfied with the meals that we had. Everything that was served to us was absolutely delicious and we’re very grateful that they incorporated some Spanish dishes in our dinners. We were also able to have some night gatherings at the dining room, something that made everyone come closer and feel like home. Lastly, the organizers showed us around Puerto de Mazarron and they were always ready to answer any of our questions and help us with anything we needed. We truly had the chance to experience the town like locals, while also being provided with historical and interesting facts.

Greek Team
Greek Team@siseragreece
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Sisera Greece, our sending organization, was there for us both for our preparation before the project and for everything that we would need during the training course. More specifically, the communication was immediate and they helped us tremendously with finding the proper flight and train tickets in order to get to our destination within our budget. Thanks to them, we had no problem with booking our itinerary and we felt that they were there for us on every step of the way. The members of Sisera had very positive energy and they helped us live the experience 100% without any insecurity. We recommend cooperation with them without any doubt