Staff Professional Development in Climate Change & Environmental Sustainability

KA122-ADU – Short-term projects for mobility of leaners and staff in adult education.

SISERA is the coordinator of this project.

First Mobility

Project Objectives

  • Empower adults in adapting a sustainable way of living
  • Raising awareness of adult people in agricultural areas about environmental problems
  • Gain Knowledge in new learning and teaching methods and approaches in environmental education
  • Developing adults’ learners green skills
  • Gain Knowledge in new practices of waste management

Main Topics

“Environment and climate change”

“New learning and teaching methods and approaches”

“Green skills”

Erasmus+ Mobility

First Group Activity

In the first group activity, professional members of SISERA Greece, who are teachers with experience in adult education, will attend a training course about “Climate Change and Sustainable Development Goals”. This course adopts a global
perspective on the themes of sustainable development, ecological footprints, global justice, and poverty, and negotiates the ways that how these influence and are influenced by climate change.

Erasmus+ Mobility

Second Group Activity

In the second group activity volunteer members of SISERA Greece will attend two different but complementary courses “Innovative approaches in environmental education” will teach the participants innovative methodologies to sustainability that compel people to take action and change their individual and collective habits for the better for their health and of the environment by a positive and solution-based approach. b) “Sustainable lifestyles – taking environmental awareness to action “.This course will teach the participants about the need of reducing the levels of consumption and the mainstream ways of purchasing and using products, food, energy etc. 

Erasmus+ Mobility

Third Group Activity

In the last group activity, volunteer members participants of the agricultural area, will attend the course about “Waste Management” which targets in contemporary issues such as biodegradation, bioremediation, reclamation of barren/ stress systems, combating climate change, green fuels, sustainable agriculture and organic food production.Sustainable waste
management aims to keep materials in use for as long as possible and minimize the amount of the amount of solid waste that is disposed of in landfill or through incineration. Sustainable waste management, is very important in order to refine and
improve our existing waste management systems.

Expected Outcomes

Participants of the above mobilities will have the chance to

-expand their knowledges, obtain new methodologies and practices about climate change and environmental sustainability
-experience themselves in innovative sustainable ways of living, while also reflecting them on how to apply to their context
-learn about research results on the effectiveness of individual habits regarding climate change
-learn about the impact of collective environmental initiatives
– learn how to raise awareness about environmental problems

-learn about U-Waste Management Strategies & Organization
-increase knowledge and skills on permaculture and ecological farming
-increase environmental consciousness and learning new ways about alternative consumption patterns
-learn how to achieve an agreement on environmental, social, cultural, economic values in the local community
-expand their network with EU professionals
-learn how to apply more meaningful, relevant and hands-on learning opportunities

Hosting Organizations

San Cristobal de La Laguna, Canarias, Spain

Asociación Socioeducativa Eduplus EDUPLUS Association is the NGO that initiated the TENERIFE COURSES consortium, a network of various NGOs, schools and educational professionals that offer innovative and high quality ERASMUS+ Staff Mobility training courses specially designed to meet the needs of teachers and staff from educational centers from Europe. The organization's methodology is based on active learning and it is highly participative and practical. They teach using Experiential learning, Collaborative learning, Art-based learning, Garden-based learning and outdoor education. Sherlock Edu is an international education and training institution with experienced teacher trainers. Sherlock Edu is engaged in a constant improvement in the quality of the services performed.

Sofia, Bulgaria

"Motivated Learning for Everyone" NGO An association working in the field of education and training of European dimension. Its main objectives are: Building useful partnerships of international cooperation and transfer of experience and good practices; Developing skills to work in an international team and foreign language communication skills; Formation of European and democratic attitude to the European Union; Encouraging and promoting the needs of adult learners for lifelong learning and professional self-improvement; Working on intercultural issues; Forming a sense of active European citizenship; Reinforcing the role of lifelong learning in creating a sense of European citizenship based on understanding and respect for human rights and democracy, and encouraging tolerance and respect for other people and cultures.

Nürnberg, BAYERN, Germany 

Sherlock Edu UG Sherlock is a training center specialised in the Organization and Coordination of EU-funded Mobility Projects, especially Erasmus+ Programme. They support European Sending Institution or individual participants in the organisation of their EU funded learning and Training Projects and take very good care of the participants coming to Berlin, Helsinki, Florance, Rome, Vienna, Barcelona, Madrid, İstanbul, Antalya and Amsterdam. Their main goal is to provide complex services on a professional level ensuring clients’ satisfaction.

Sustainable living is a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of the Earth’s natural resources

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