Charalampos Georgantzas

Co-founder, Head

Mr. Charalampos Georgantzas is a professional in the field of Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences, associated with the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. His area of expertise lies in Statistical Research and Applied Analysis. With an extensive academic background, Charalampos has conducted research in various fields including applications of innovative educational processes as well as socio-economic matters. With over seven years of experience, he has excelled in administrative roles, having served as an administrative assistant and manager in the business sector, demonstrating a keen understanding of customer-oriented functions. His skill set covers the creation and design of marketing materials, as well as the implementation of process and quality control tools.

Additionally, Charalampos is a dedicated volunteer and youth worker with over five years of experience, actively contributing to educational programs geared towards human resources and public relations. His extensive involvement in several Erasmus+ KA1, KA2, and other European programs, focusing on business, soft skills, arts, sports, social challenges, and environmental issues, further showcases his adaptability and commitment to diverse projects. He has an excellent command of ICT tools and programming languages such as Java, Matlab, R, Python, and holds significant knowledge of software for image, video, and audio editing, complemented by proficiency in WordPress. As an effective communicator and collaborator, Charalampos is fluent in English (C2) and Spanish (B2).

Notably, Charalampos also serves as a dedicated researcher and expert in EU projects, contributing to the development and implementation of initiatives at the European level. His ability to navigate complex EU projects adds a significant dimension to his professional portfolio. As a co-founder of SISERA Greece, he has been instrumental in the organization’s success, holding roles as the Head, researcher, and EU project expert since October 2020.

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