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SISERA’ staff is consisted of teachers of primary and high school, ICT teachers, scientists in the field of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences and International and European Studies.This diversity gives the advantage of achieving a greater and in-depth dissemination of project's goals and outcomes.

ICT Skills
All of the staff has excellent ICT skills 100%
Communication Skills
All of the staff has strong communication skills 100%
Foreign Languages
English B2-C2, French B2-C2, German B2, Italian B2-C2, Spanish B2 100%
Project-based teaching
Experience in project-base teaching 100%
  • Board of Trustees
  • Volunteers

Stavroula Georgantza

Co-founder, Legal Representative
Management Consultant, Bachelor’s Degree in International and European Affairs and Minor Diploma in Environmental Management, Researcher in the fields of International Economics and International Governance.
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Charalampos Georgantzas

Co-founder, Head
Studies in Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences, NTUA, Administrative manager and designer of marketing material and quality control tools, Researcher in the fields of Statistics and Applied Analysis, Youth worker.
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Dimitra Xesfigkouli

Co-founder, Project Manager
Teacher of Primary and Preschool Education, Ph.D. in Pedagogical Development of School Education, Master’s Degree in Administration and Management in Education, Researcher in the fields of teachers’ and school development.
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Katerina Belogia

Member, Communication Manager
ICT teacher, Degree in Applied Informatics, Master’s Degree in Information Systems, Certificate of Pedagogical and Teaching Competence, Adult Trainer, Researcher in the fields of Communication Technologies, Business Administration, Economics and Finance.
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Evangelia Vasilliou

Member, Researcher
Philologist and Primary School Teacher, Degree in Philology, Degree in Special Education and Sociology, Master’s degree in "Organization and Administration of Education", Adult Trainer, Researcher in the fields of Literature, Social and School Psychology and Special Education.
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Athanasia Ntagoloudi

Member, Researcher
Sales and export manager. Degree in Business Administration. Master’s degree in “Services Management-Logistics, supply and value chain management” and "Entrepreneurship and Innovation". Adult Trainer. Researcher in the fields of Economics, Logistics and Entrepreneurship.
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Chara Angeletou

Member, Researcher
Primary school teacher, children's book writer. PHD candidate in developmental procedure of understanding and representation of nostalgia. Master's degree in Educational Sciences and certified Special and Intercultural Educator. Researcher in emotional development and expressive drawing.
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Georgios Sygkounas

Member, Researcher
Psychologist, Master of Sciences in Clinical Psychology, Researcher in developmental psychopathology, autism spectrum disorders and special education.
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The expertise of the staff includes

  • Educational and social research and innovation
  • In-service-training
  • Collaboration with local stakeholders
  • Advice on methodology
  • Co-ordination of pedagogical initiatives
  • Implementing evaluation methodologies, e.tc.

SISERA’s staff has participated in various projects such as Comenius, Leonardo, Erasmus+ and e-Twinning along with other European and international projects (Teachers4Europe, Pestalozzi). They promote and coordinate Environmental Education and Culture projects in the Region of Thessaly with schools’ partnership and they participate in national and international networks for teachers and students.

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