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Social Innovative Sustainable & Educational Research Association in Greece

Start the Journey of Knowledge and Excellence. Explore our curated courses, designed to elevate your skills and insights in the realms of adult education and EU initiatives.

Discover our transformative European projects, where collaboration and innovation reshape our continent’s future.

Actions echo purpose. We manifest our dedication to progress through tangible initiatives that amplify our vision’s impact and reach.

Diverse minds, shared passion. Meet the dedicated individuals propelling our mission forward with expertise and enthusiasm.

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EU projects applications

We provide comprehensive support in developing and writing successful proposals for various EU funding programs. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in preparing winning proposals that meet the highest standards.

Project Management

We have a proven record of accomplishment in managing and implementing EU-funded projects, ensuring that they meet the required standards, objectives, and deadlines. We provide tailored solutions to fit our partner’s needs and ensure their projects’ success. 


We have a team of experts with a wide range of research skills and knowledge. We conduct quality research in various fields, including education, environment, social issues, youth, VET and ICT. We provide data analysis, evaluation, and dissemination to ensure desired impact.

Courses & Training

Our dynamic range of courses are designed to empower individuals and contribute to the fulfillment of European objectives. At SISERA, we are committed to fostering growth and innovation through diverse training programs that align with our mission and the broader goals of the European community.

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Scientific Research Work

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Environmental Actions

Social Actions

Our goals

We are a dedicated research-focused non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to driving positive change in our world. Through a fusion of expertise, innovation, and collaboration, we strive to address pressing challenges and create a sustainable, inclusive, and harmonious society. Our efforts are guided by five core pillars, which shape our vision and define our purpose.

Environmental Sustainability

Championing a greener world through research and actionable strategies for conservation and renewable energy.

Quality Research Work

Producing impactful, data-driven research that informs decisions and drives policy changes.

Social Inclusion

Promoting equality by engaging marginalized communities and advocating for their rights.

Innovative Actions

Embracing creativity and technology to develop cutting-edge solutions to complex challenges.

Collaborative Frameworks

Amplifying our impact through partnerships with NGOs, governments, academia, and the private sector.

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If you are currently working on an EU project application (such as Erasmus+, Creative Europe, LIFE, CERV, etc.) or are considering submitting one in the future, here are some helpful tips to ensure that your next application is a success.

Here are some more tips..

Understand the guidelines

The EU provides guidelines for each type of project, and it is crucial to understand them thoroughly before starting the application process. Make sure you understand the project's goals, budget, and eligibility requirements.

Know your audience

Keep in mind that your application will be reviewed by a team of evaluators, and it's essential to tailor your proposal to their interests and priorities. Highlight how your project aligns with the EU's policies and goals.

Focus on impact

EU projects are evaluated based on their potential impact. Be clear about the expected outcomes and the tangible benefits that your project will provide.

Be concise

EU project applications have a limited word count, and it's crucial to make every word count. Be concise and to the point, avoiding jargon or overly technical language.

Show collaboration

Collaboration is essential in EU projects, and it's important to demonstrate that your project has the support of relevant stakeholders, including partners, beneficiaries, and local authorities.

Emphasize sustainability

EU projects should aim for long-term sustainability. Demonstrate how your project will continue beyond the funding period and contribute to the broader community.

Our NGO has a wealth of experience and expertise in the area of EU project applications. We specialize in providing support in the writing process and offer our knowledge and skills to assist in the development of successful proposals. It is important to note, however, that we offer our support only as selected partner of the project. This ensures that we are fully invested in the proposal and can contribute our expertise to the fullest extent.

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Start the Journey of Knowledge and Excellence. Explore our curated courses, designed to elevate your skills and insights in the realms of adult education and EU initiatives.