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Start the Journey of Knowledge and Excellence. Explore our curated courses, designed to elevate your skills and insights in the realms of adult education and EU initiatives.

what makes us different

Learning Framework

About our Courses

Our dynamic range of courses are designed to empower individuals and contribute to the fulfillment of European objectives. At SISERA, we are committed to fostering growth and innovation through diverse training programs that align with our mission and the broader goals of the European community.

Our Motivation

At the heart of our training initiatives is a passion for knowledge and a dedication to positive impact. We believe in the transformative power of education to shape individuals and communities.

Our Approach

Explore training modules covering a wide array of topics strategically selected to address crucial areas aligned with European objectives and our organizational mission, including Digital Literacy, Information Technology, Educational Material Development, Sustainable Solutions, Environmental Stewardship, Special Needs Topics, Entrepreneurship, and Psychology.

Why Choose Us

Gain practical skills applicable to real-world challenges and opportunities with our expert-led, holistic approach. Our courses are designed to cater to diverse learners, fostering inclusivity and accessibility.

Meet The Instructors

At SISERA, our courses are led by a team of passionate and experienced educators and scientists who bring a wealth of knowledge to each learning module. Meet the experts dedicated to guiding you through your educational journey.

Dimitra Xesfigkouli

Project Manager, Instructor

Charalampos Georgantzas

Coordinator, Instructor

Stavroula Georgantza


Katerina Belogia


Georgios Sygkounas


Chara Angeletou


Athanasia Ntagoloudi


Litsa Vasileiou


Your questions answered

Common questions

SISERA offers a diverse range of courses covering topics such as new learning and teaching methods and approaches, digital literacy, sustainable solutions, entrepreneurship, special needs education, psychology, and more. Our courses align with European objectives and our organizational mission.

Enrolling is easy! Explore our course offerings, select your desired course, and click “Register Now.” Follow the registration steps, and our team will guide you through the process, including confirmation, payment, and next steps.

Our courses stand out for their holistic learning approach, combining theoretical knowledge with practical application. We prioritize interactive learning tools, engaging content, and expert instructors to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

The participation fee is determined by the rules of the Erasmus+ Programme Guide. A daily rate of 80€ per participant per day is the minimum for all our courses. 

Courses at SISERA are thoughtfully structured to provide a comprehensive learning experience. The duration typically lasts 5 days but may vary depending on the course, with options for more extensive programs upon confirmation. Explore each course’s details for specific information.

Imagine learning in the beautiful city of Larissa, central Greece, where each course is a new adventure. Picture yourself in the mountains, by the sea, or in the lively city center. Our courses happen in surprising and beautiful places, making your learning experience not just about the lessons but the fantastic locations too.

Upon successful completion of a course, participants receive a Certificate of Attendance. Additionally, we offer a Europass Certification, internationally recognized for transparency and recognition of skills.

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