Our research in “EARS” project is now completed! Here is a sneak peek in the first results!

Our research in “EARS” project is now completed! Here is a sneak peek in the first results!

A few words about the research..

The purpose of this research is to comparatively analyse the situation of School Dropout in European Countries and examine the response to the phenomenon by teachers approach. This study is conducted by Social Innovative Sustainable & Educational Research Association in Greece (S.I.S.E.R.A. Greece) as part of the European project Erasmus+ KA220 Cooperation Partnership in School Education, entitled “EARS"-Educational Agreement as a Response to School-dropout” and Grant Agreement N. 2021-1-IT02-KA220-SCH-000032619.

Project's Objectives

Co-design of a common action protocol between the partnering entities, summarizing and improving the single regional practices already in place.

This “improved” protocol will create room for improvement in the existing procedures but also will generate initiatives and new activities which will aim to offer first and second level guidance and information services to all piloting school users, as well as counselling and psycho-pedagogical support services enhanced by a digital profiling tool to inform, raise awareness and contrast drop-outs and potential drop-outs.

Improve the effectiveness of the digital profiling tools to inform about life and career possibilities within and outside the target group’s territory.

The creation and validation of a functioning prototype will be the successive outcome of a full year of the project’s piloting, implementation and digital work, including a long observation phase, in order to build a profiling tool that actually meets the needs of the target groups included.

Training of teachers and administrative staff

regarding different procedures, tools and competences required to closely follow up on high risk students, based on the three pillars of the program:

  • Learn the future
  • Local and EU Labor-Market
  • Family Involvement

Materialization of stimulating workplace environments as well as widespread interventions, in the form of seminars / workshops.

To advocate the results in dialogue with major sectoral stakeholders, promoting it at a European level

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